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ISTE iPad in Education


Robert EM Craven


Introduction to the iPad
  • What's in the box and buttons
  • Discussion about accessories
  • General Control
  • Setting up your iPad
  • Settings
Adding Content to your iPad
  • Audio
    • Playlists
  • Video

iTunes App Store

  • Searching
  • Organizing
  • Removing 
  • Syncing
Growing List of iPad Apps for Education

 Reference  Creativity Subject Specific
 DropBox  World Book
 SonicPics Lite (iPhone)
 3D Brain
 GoodReader  Dictionary  Postcard Lite
 Periodic Table
 HistoryMaps  PhotoPad (Photo editing)
 Brain Pop
 USA Today
 Evernote  Google Earth
 Dragon Dictation
 Weather Channel
 Google (Google Form)
 Quick Voice
 Etextbooks  Toy Story (digital book)
 Skype/AIM  Kindle  Strip Designer (.99)
 Constitution  Alice Lite  NPR  Reel Director (2.99)
 My Congress  TED
 Jumbo Calculator
 Science Dictionary
 Virtuoso (piano keyboard)
 Planets  Puppet Pals
 Huddle  Museum of London  Comic Touch Lite
 APOD (Astronomy Pic of Day)
 PrintCentral (9.99)
   Draw  GeoSky Watch
 Dragon Dictate    Lifecards  Molecules (web not app)    Filterstorm (photo editing)
 PocketCAS Lite (Graphing Calc)
 iTalk Lite    SketchBook Pro  Quick Graph
 Air Display    DoodleBuddy  3D Sun
     Art Studio  Brain Tutor 3D

Taking your iPad Online

  • Connecting to a wireless access point
  • Browsing the Internet
    • Multiple browers
  • Adding a Bookmark
    • iPad in Ed Website (
    • iPad in Ed (

  • Saving Images
    • Tap image>Save image
    • Finding images on iPad
  • Printing
    • Print Central App
  • Searching for Apps on the iPad

Mobile Learning in the Classroom

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