Today's Activity

Goal: To create a short video as if you were traveling across the country to as a reporter for your local newspaper.  Your task as this news reporter is to interview various people from a new town (perhaps Tulare???) and find three interesting facts about the area to report. This can take place in the past (farming in the 1800's), present, or future (a vision of what you think Tulare might be in 20 years?).  Take on the persona of a "character" you might know, or even a local celebrity!   (Note please limit your project to 3-5 minutes).

Ready? Follow the steps below.
  • Save images to your iPad from this link (tap and hold the image and select save)

  • Additional information about Tulare can be found on its Wikipedia Page

    Don't forget you can use Google Earth or Google Maps to make your own custom Screenshots! 

  • Find your saved images in your Photos
  • Open up the SonicPics Lite and import the 3 images
  • Drag your images to change their order
  • Write a script that will cover all the areas mentioned
  • Practice speaking with inflection.
  • When ready, click record to narrate the movie. As you narrate you can move to the next image and keep speaking by sliding your finger over the image from left to right.
  • When you're finished, save and preview the movie
  • Share your video, send your video to

Finished with your movie?

Remember High School Algebra?  (No worries, it's only plotting points... no formulas!)

No problem with the math?   <- See the joke there?
  • Click on the iBooks App. Try out a sample book or download something else, select a word within the book you chose, tap and hold, and explore the options (dictionary, note, highlight, etc).  You can even open emailed PDF's in iBooks for a great way to organize documents.
  • Let's try out Dragon Dictation, the free transcription software! When you're ready, start recording and watch what happens!
  • If we have time, we'll walk through how to download the white paper on iPhone App Use in Higher Ed from and use the GoodReader App to read it.  

Want to learn more about transferring files from the iPad to a computer?