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Listed below is a growing list of iPad apps that are terrific to use in the classroom depending on your need. The list is till growing, so don't be surprised to see something new added on shortly.  
Categorize your search to save some time.  Clicking on the link will take you to it's iTunes web page.

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AppCategory/Content AreaDescriptionGrade LevelCost
AppCategory/Content AreaDescriptionGrade LevelCost
Google Earth Location Explore the earth in detail. All Free 
Google Mobile App Search One stop shop for access to Docs, GMail, Search, Books, Photos, and more All Free 
Google Books eBook Browse, purchase and read books from Google All Free 
Nook eBook Browse, purchase and read books from Barnes and Noble All Free 
Nook Kids eBook Browse, purchase and read children's books from Barnes and Noble. Includes "Read to Me" feature Elementary Free 
Kindle eBook Browse, purchase and read books from Amazon All Free 
Wikipanion Reference Search Wikipedia articles All Free 
NASA HD Science In depth and dynamic look at our solar system and beyond. Science Free Reference Quick and easy dictionary All Free 
Prezi Productivity Display dynamic presentations created using Prezi All Free  
Today's Doc History Browse historical documents from the US National Archives. A new document is featured each day, though they are searchable. Secondary Free 
History: Maps of the World History Collection of historical maps from around the world. Secondary Free 
Baby Aquarium Colors Learn basic colors of fish in their aquatic environment! Elementary Free 
Glow Coloring Art Doodle app that allows you to scan in images and paint against a black background. All Free 
Westward Expansion History Explore Lewis and Clark and the historical impact of United States westward expansion. Secondary Free 
Today in History History View what happened this day in history, create your own personal timeline, and share! Secondary Free 
U.S. Pocket Reference Reference/Social Studies Multiple documents in one that includes historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and more. Also includes in depth information on the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative Branches  Secondary $0.99 
iBooks eBook Browse, purchase and read books from Apple All Free 
Fluent News News News aggregator from multiple news sources in easy to read format. Secondary Free 
SpaceTime Math Math app and graphing calculator with visually impressive 2D and 3D graphs. Secondary $19.99 
Quick Graph Math Graphing Calculator Secondary Free 
Tangram Free Math Free version of Tangram game that includes 60 timed examples. Primary/Secondary Free 
Tangram XL Free Math 162 full screen tangrams Primary/Secondary Free 
EverNote Productivity Create and takes notes of everything and anything includig text, images, and voice. Syncs automatically with online account and can be accessed anywhere. (Online account must be set up.) All Free 
Note Hub Professional Productivity Create notes, drawings, even clips from the web. Add text and draw. Professional version allows you to email, and post to Dropbox and Posterous (free version does not).  All $4.99 
Dropbox Productivity Incredibly easy to use file management system that allows you to share multiple types of files across various platforms. Changes in the files syncs across all devices. All Free 
SPARKvue Science Measure science experiments with real time data. Can connected to PASCO sensors (via Bluetooth) to measure even more lab experimetns  Secondary Free 
Air Sketch Presentation Present and draw over PDFs, images, and photos as the audience views the presentation within their web browser (free version is a black marker only). All $7.99 
Pages Word Processor Create rich documents you can share multiple ways and in multiple formats. All $9.99 
Keynote Presentation Present dynamic presentations with animations that can be shared many ways, including on the web through iWork. Secondary $9.99 
Bill Atkinson Photo Card Lite Photo Create postcards with images from your library, address them to other students or teachers and add a description. All Free 
SonicPics Video Create a video with your narrated voice-over from images on your iPad. Free version limits the number of images you can use. All $2.99 
CasterFree Podcast Easily create free podcasts (up to three minutes) that can be emailed, synced with DropBox, or published via FTP. All Free 
The Elementals Science Explore a fun periodic table of elements where each element has its own personality. Primary/Secondary Free 
Sundry Notes Productivity Take notes in many different formats that includes text, image, drawings, and voice. Collaborate on notes with other students and share. All Free 
Dragon Dictation Speech Talk into your iPad and Dragon Dictation turns your words into text that can be emailed or copy and pasted. All Free 
Showing 36 items