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Mass Storage

Keeping your iPads safe and secure is key.  They represent a significant dollar investment and should be handled the same way as a classroom set of laptops.  Many different storage solutions exist, though the best ones typically involve:
  • Security - The ability to lock all of the iPads.
  • Mobility - Unless there is 100% certainty that the iPads will not be leaving a given area, the ability to quickly and easily transport the iPads is critical.
  • Power Source - Some way to simultaneously charge all of the devices at once.
  • Sync - Syncing all of the iPads at once is the most efficient way to transfer content.  Without this, you'll most likely induce a migraine.
The Brettford Mobility Cart is a sound option.  Not only does it meet the above criteria, but it can also house MacBooks as well. 

Individual Storage

While a cart may protect the iPads when collected together, it's a good idea (if it can be afforded) to protect the individual iPads.  Individual cases may collect germs, but they increase the longevity of the iPad exponentially.  A rubber silicone skin can also prevent it from sliding off a desk and crashing onto the floor.