Ten Connections

  1. Introduce yourself to someone seated next to you and tell each other: what you want to learn today and one thing you already know about the iPad.
  2. Introduce yourself to someone sitting in front or behind you and ask your new friend to tell you 3 things he/she knows about the iPad.
  3. Introduce yourself to the other people sitting near you and tell them what you want to take away from this workshop.
  4. Quickly shake hands with two people from the other side of the room and tell them one question you want answered during this training.
  5. Stand and bow to three new people standing close to you. Ask them who they are and why they are here today.
  6. Find people you have not yet met who are from a different school or city. Share what you want to learn and why you are here today.
  7. Find one person in the room whom you don't yet know. Introduce yourself and find out what she/he wants to be able to do with the iPad after today's workshop.
  8. Take 30 seconds to shake hands and welcome as many people around you as you can. Then tell one new friend one important fact you already know about the iPad.
  9. Find another person who works in a similar grade level or area. Introduce yourself and tell this person what you know about the iPad and what you want to learn about it.
  10. Using the Notes app on your iPad, write one personal goal for this workshop and one thing you already know about the iPad. Share it with the person sitting next to you.