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2011-05-02 ERUSD Pico Rivera, CA

Lead Learner:
Youssef Elias

This workshop will focus on the use of the iPad as an instructional tool for the teacher.  There are many implementations of iPads in the classroom for student use, however this workshop will focus on how teachers can use this tool. We will also concentrate on uses for Elementary and Middle School teachers.

Introduction and Welcome

Opening Question: Why iPads in Education?  From a teacher's perspective, what is unique about this tool?

Introduction to the iPad
  • Initial Connection
  • Connecting to a wireless access point
  • Accessories
  • General Control
  • Setting up your iPad
  • Settings
Setting up your iTunes account

Getting Around in iTunes
  • How to sync
  • Charge
  • Managing all of your stuff

Hands on with the iPad
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Safari (bulilt-in), Atomic, and others
  • Adding a Bookmark
    • iPad in Ed (
  • Saving Images
    • Tap image>Save image
    • Finding images on iPad
  • Printing
    • Print Central App

List of iPad Apps

Google Forms- Check in Survey

Activity 1 : Digtial Picture Frame- Great for Back to School, Open House, etc.

  • Snap photos of others in the room
  • Create a Slideshow
  • Use the iPad2 as frame to display
iTunes App Store and Searching
  • How to Search
  • Finding Apps
  • Searching
  • Sharing Promising Apps
  • Lists of Apps
Let's get Productive
Wrap Up and Evaluation