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2011-05-07 iPad in Education SGVCUE


Robert Craven
twitter: @digitalroberto


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Opening: Why iPads in Education?
Introduction to the iPad
  • Hands on with the iPad
  • Discussion about accessories
  • General Control (This new article is worth a read as we'll now skip over some of the general controls you can easily read about here).
  • Setting up your iPad
  • Settings
Taking your iPad Online
  • Connecting to a wireless access point

Browsing the Internet

Activity: Creation in the Classroom 

  • We're going to head to Apptivites where we'll search through some of the available activities. We'll then be making some trading cards to share with eveyone in the room. For the trading cards you'll need to make sure you've loaded Strip Designer or Comic Touch on your iPad as well as Bump.
Activity: Camera and Video
  • We're going to create a short video using Story Kit or Animoto. To begin take 5 pictures using your iPad. You'll then place these pictures into Story Kit or Animoto. In Story Kit you'll add voice over narration (and text if you like) to your images. In Animoto you'll select the images, add audio and create a video.
  • For the video camera, you'll record a short video using the camera. Using the Vimeo app (create an account at first) you'll be able to upload and edit your video. When finished you can post it directly to the Vimeo site.
    For additional video apps be sure to check out iMovie and Reel Director, as well as Instagram and Best Camera for images.

Activity: Google Apps
  • Using your Google account log in at Here you'll be able to access your Google documents, edit them and even create new documents.
iTunes App Store and Searching
  • How to Search
  • Finding Apps
  • Searching
  • Sharing Promising Apps
  • Lists of Apps
iPad Classroom Lab Management
  • Adding Content to your iPad
    • Audio
    • Playlists
    • Video
    • Apps
    • Syncing
    • Removing
    • Syncing New Content

Mobile Learning in the Classroom
Sample survey using Student Response Systems: QuickieQ 
Wrap Up