iPad Apps for Education

Some apps are free and some require payment.   Please double-check iTunes for the most up-to-date information about price.  Some apps will also require you to create accounts with other vendors (separate from your iTunes account).

When is free bad? Well, free apps are usually limited in scope or they contain advertising. In general, we stay away from free apps in the classroom because of the ads. We don't want students clicking on a linked ad and trying to purchase something. Additionally, these ads may not always be appropriate for students. Teachers and administrators are free to download as many free apps as they want, they just need to be aware of whether it has advertising, etc.

One more thing about free: Some free apps like Chicktionary and Puppet Pals are great! However, they have add-on content that is sold in the app. Some of those add-ons (more levels, more characters) are great, though, so I've included those apps anyway.

Must have apps to start with!

It's up to you on what to purchase. For the purposes of this training, please download iBooksDragon DictationSonicPics LiteQuickVoice, MathBoard Addition, and Puppet Pals.

Another must-have app is Appshopper -  It's a great app that will show you information on updates to iPads as well as Apps that are FREE!!!

A listing of some of my favorite apps by categories

 Reference    Creativity Misc Accessibility
 Dropbox Discover SonicPics Lite (iPhone) Zumocast
 Dragon Dictation
 Evernote Wikipanion Lifecards  $ iBooks OffMaps
 Pages        $$$ Kindle Draw Pandora
 Bump (iPhone)
 Numbers   $$$
 NPR Adobe Ideas
 USA Today
 Photo Share
 Keynote    $$$
 Google Comic Touch   $
 GoodReader  $ Astronomy Pic of the Day
 StoryKit (iPhone) Weather Channel
 WebProjector   $$
 Instapaper    $$
 Slide By Slide Caster Free
 NetFlix CourseSmart 
 iAnnotate   $$$ Wolphram Alpha $ Vimeo (free)
 Cloud Browse
 Google Forms   FREE
 Fotopedia Comic Life $$$  Epicurious 
 Things $$$ Flipboard iMovie $$
   Story Robe $

Subject Specific

 History/Social Science
 Math    Language Arts
 Science Ed Tech
 National Geographic   $$ Graphing Calculator HD  $ Ulysses Seen
 Discovery Channel HD
 Flash Card Deluxe  $$ Pianist Pro  $$$
 HistoryMaps Algebra Prep $
 Clifford's Be BIG words
 Google Earth iStudiez Pro (Lite)
 Looptastic  $$$
 WorldBook - This day in History
 Math Ref  $
 elements  $$$
 eClicker Host  $$$
 Virtuoso Virtual Keyboard  $
 AlltheCountries  $$
 Mad Math 2  $ Kaplan TOEFL
 Periodic Table
 iResponse - $
 Love Art National Gallery   $$$
 We the People  $ Ace Kids Math Games $ Vocab Quiz
 GoSkyWatch for Planetarium
 AirSketch Getty Images
 Stack the States  $ Geometry Stash  $
 Alice for the iPad Lite
 NASA SundryNotes
 Myths & Legends $$Dictionary Dr. Seuss $$
 JabberPad Puppet Pals
  MathBoard $$ Chicktionary  iBrainstorm Drawing Pad $$
  MathBoard Addition    Brushes $$$
      Garageband $$