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2011-06-11 iPad in Education SDCUE


Robert Craven
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Opening: Why iPads in Education?

Introduction to the iPad 2
iTunes Accounts

To begin you'll need an iTunes account for syncing your iPad to your device. Your iTunes account allows you to download apps, music, books and more for your iPad through the iTunes store. Many of the apps are free and very powerful. To create an account you'll need either a credit card, iTunes gift card or to purchase a free app.

Taking your iPad 2 Online

Getting you iPad 2 online is easy. You can check the Apple pages for support if you forget or run into issues.

  • Begin by selecting the "Settings" App
  • Select "Wifi" 
  • Verify "Wifi" is turned to On
  • The wireless networks in your area will appear. Select the wifi network you'd like to join. If a password is required you'll be prompted to enter that password. 

Safari and Browsing the Internet

  • Multiple browers
  • Adding a Bookmark
  • iPad in Ed (


  • Saving Images
    • Tap image>Save image
    • Finding images on iPad
    • Find 3-5 images of where you would like to go on vacation
    • Find your images in the Photo Library
iTunes App Store and Searching
  • How to Search
  • Finding Apps
  • Searching
  • Sharing Promising Apps
  • Lists of Apps

Recommended Apps

iBooks is Apple's bookstore available on the iPad. To begin, search iBooks in the App Store. Select to download iBooks. this will install the app. Now launch iBooks, in the upper left corner select "Store" and search for the iPad User Manual. This is a free manual to download that will assist you in using your iPad. 

The iPad 2 introduced a camera for taking pictures, video and video conferencing. To get an idea of how the camera works, you'll need to grab an interesting photo from our location today, a photo of you (you'll need to determine how to "flip" the camera and use your front facing camera) and a short video of someone in the course discussing how they plan to utilize the iPad 2.

Wrap Up

Activity: Creation in the Classroom 

  • We're going to head to Apptivites where we'll search through some of the available activities. We'll then be making some trading cards to share with eveyone in the room. For the trading cards you'll need to make sure you've loaded Strip Designer or Comic Touch on your iPad as well as Bump (Bump Technologies--iPod Version). 
  • Now, create a vacation comic strip that describes the place you'll be going this summer to get away from the stress of teaching. To get full step by step instructions check out this apptivity

Activity: Google Docs and the iOS Device

To learn about using Google Docs on your iPad check out Google help.

Begin by launching Safari, navigating to and then login by using your Google account user name or create an account at that site.

If you've used Google Docs before you'll see your documents list, click on one to open it and then edit that document. If you're new to Google Docs then create a new document. 

Your work is saved in "the cloud" as you work on it to your Google account. It is backed up and you can access it from any web browser using any computer, smart phone or tablet.

Collaborate with us by adding your favorite App to our list and a description of how you use it in education. You can select that link or use the QR code below. 

Click on the downward chevron and select "use desktop version" to have access to sharing controls and the features you normally see on your computer version of Google Docs.

Activity: QR Codes

QR codes are Quick Response codes that quickly take you to your desired website. They are those crazy looking boxes you see everywhere. 

To view a QR code: 

Download the i-nigma app.

Open the i-nigma app. 

It opens to the camera and will automatically snap a photo of the QR code. 

The website will appear.


Download the Google App. 

Open the Google App.

Use the camera icon next to search. 

Click the camera icon and take a picture of the QR code. 

The link will appear.

To create a QR code. 

Copy the link for the website you'd like to create a QR code for. 

On your computer go to:

On the left side select "Create Barcode"

Paste in your url and give it a title if you like. 

Your QR code will appear. Simply right-click to save it to your computer. 

Print out your QR code and display it in your classroom. As people use a QR reader to view the image it will take them to your website. 

Google also provides a QR code generator at where you can quickly create a QR code and shortened url for the link as well.

Other Activities

iPad Sample Lesson Activities