Educational Uses

Tom Barrett's 36 Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom

1. Apps and so much more...
2. Videos (including screencasts, reverse lecturing, etc.)  (Khan Academy)
3. Discovery Education
4. BrainPop
5. Online Resources  (HippoCampus)
6. Electronic Textbooks (Inkling
7. Slideshows and Movies (iMovie)
8. Communication and Collaboration (Skype)
9. Creation (DoodleBuddy)
10. Organization and Productivity (Evernote, iCal)
12. Classroom Centers (use a splitter to accommodate more than 1 child)
13. Content Access (QR code reader apps, augmented reality apps)
14. Projection of content (Proscope)
15. Your ideas? 

Lesson Ideas

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