David Freeburg

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Lead Presenter
David Freeburg
Junior High Teacher
Teacher & Technology Coach
 Distinguished Educator
Google Certified Teacher
Google Certified Teacher
Twitter: @whizbang
Google+: +David Freeburg
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Hour 1 - "Show"
Hardware Tour
Complete on your iPad

Apps Bonanza
-Demo apps
-Explore and download

Lesson Examples
-Secondary Level
-Primary Level

Hour 2 - "Do"
Activity #1
  • Download i-Nigma (free) from the Appstore. This app allows you to read QR Codes.
  • Go to one of the QR Codes stationed around the room. Scan it using i-Nigma. A new webpage will appear.
  • Read the question on the page, then, open up Notes.
  • Type the answers to the questions on a new note. (If you aren't sure of the answer, make an educated guess.)
  • When you have answered all of he questions, email your note to David (freedavida@gmail.com).

Activity #2
  • Download the Sundry Notes (free) app from the Appstore
  • Once downloaded, go through the quick overview and tutorial.
  • Create a new note and add at least 3 different elements to your note page (text, drawing, audio, image, etc.)
  • Create a new note page, and add 3 things you want to be able to do with your iPad this year with your students. Try using 3 different elements to your page.
            BONUS Collaborate with one other person in creating a note.
            BONUS Email yourself the note as a PDF

Activity #3 Edit a Google Doc
BONUS: Click on the downward chevron and select "use desktop version" to have access to additional features.

Optional: Try creating a Form, which can easily be filled out on an iPad (for custom walk through or rubrics).

Hour 3 - "Explore"
Google Use
Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms

iPad as an eReader
-iBooks vs Kindle vs Nook vs Google Books  

Biggest Winner Lesson Challenge

Individual Questions




Sample Lessons


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