The initial setup is easiest by simply plugging your iPad into your computer for the first time and following the prompts to set it up.

 Here are some things to consider:

  • Name – If your planning on using this with a lot of other iPads in a classroom, you should name your iPad something that will differentiate it from the others.  For example “Room 310 Master iPad” or “Dixon Middle School Teacher iPad”.  All other iPads could be named with a number, i.e. “JMS iPad #1”.
  • Payments – Whether you’re going to purchase content with your  own personal credit card, a school account, or using gift cards, have an idea in place of how you’re going to pay for purchases through the iTunes store.
  • Bulk-Purchasing - If you need to make large purchases for multiple devices, check with an Apple representative about a bulk-purchasing program.
  • Main Computer – Which computer will you be syncing this with?  You can sync one iPad with up to 5 devices. 

The best and easiest way to manage content on your iPad is by plugging your iPad into your computer and managing it through iTunes.

Add playlists to make specific lists for classes.






Delete Apps


Creating Folders of Apps