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Intro to iPad

  • Open iPad
  • Volume control
  • Headphones Jack
  • Mute/Rotation Lock switch
  • Sleep power button
  • Settings icon
    • Connecting to WiFi
    • General Option
      • Sounds
      • Passcode lock
      • Restrictions
        • Keep students from deleting apps
      • Lock Rotation
    • Brightness and WallPaper
      • Brightness - saves battery
      • Set wallpaper
    • Mail, Contacts, Calendars
      • Fetch drains battery
    • Facetime
  • Swipe to see multiple pages
  • Home Button
    • Press once to exit app
    • Double tap to multi-task
      • hold down finger on app until the apps wiggle, click on red minus to close app from running in the background.
      • Press home button to stop the wiggling
    • When on a main screen press once to return to Main Screen, press again to get to the search/spotlight feature.
  • Install apps
    • Need to have iTunes account established
    • Featured Apps, Categories
    • Search
  • Install Free Apps
  • Copy and Paste
    • Hold down finger over a word
  • Organizing Apps
    • Hold down finger on an app
      • Apps wiggle
      • Move around on screen
      • Move over to edge to place on additional screens
    • Create a folder
      • Hold finger down on app
      • Drag one wiggly app on top of another app, a folder is created.
  • Launch Safari
    • Launch website
    • Pinch zoom
    • Double tap to zoom back
  • Screen Capture
    • Hold down top button and home button at the same time
  • Power Off
    • Hold down top button for extended time
Activity 1: QR Codes
  • QR Code is a square bar code that lks to a website
  • Open Google Search App
  • Click on camera icon
    • Accept license agreement
    • Activates Google Goggles
    • Can take pictures of landmarks, logos and QR codes
  • Take picture of QR code and open website

Activity 2: Typing on the iPad

  • Launch app Sundry Notes
  • Typing
  • Copy Paste
  • Drawing
  • Insert web clipping
  • Email note

Activity 2: iBooks

  • Download a free iBook
    • Note: CK-12 Flexbooks are available for free on iBooks but they take awhile to download.
    • If you choose to download a CK-12 flexbook open the book and wait (a long time) for all the dots along the bottom to fill up.
  • Flip pages
  • Hold down finger on word to look up in dictionary
  • Highlight selection
    • Highlights collect together
  • Change font size

Bonus: Also try the Kindle app and annotate an e-book

Activity 3: Download PDF to iBooks

Activity 4: Create a Video

  • Launch the iPad camera app
  • Take a picture
  • Click on photos app
  • Find image
  • Tap on image to make icons show up
  • Choose rectangle with arrow icon to email photo
  • Go back to camera app
  • Lower right hand corner switch from picture to video
  • Can flip camera around (upper right icon)
  • Press red record video
    • Press again to stop recording
  • Lower left will go to photo camera roll
  • Trim beginning and end of video
  • Email Video or Send to YouTube

Bonus: Splice 2.0 Tutorial - Getting Started (Video)
Download the Splice App for iOS (Note: this is optimized for iPhone, but works well on iPad.)

Activity 5: Google
Activity 6: Online Evaluation
Consider attending the LA CUE conference November 5, 2011:
CUELA page (CUE’s local affiliate):

Alice Keeler
Teacher - Fresno ACEL Charter School
Google Certified Teacher
Twitter: @alicekeeler

iPad Resources and Tips

Helpful Tips

How to add a bookmark?
In Safari, click on the "+" next to the address bar, you can add a shortcut to either the "desktop" (also known as the home screen) or as a bookmark to the Safari browser.  This can be handy to access websites you frequent often. 

How to save a picture into your Photo App?
When you're browsing around the Internet and find a picture you like, tap and hold the picture and you'll be prompted with a "Save Image" and "Copy" prompt.   By selecting the "Save Image", it will download the image to you iPad in the "Saved Pictures" album in the Photo App. 

Portrait vs. landscape mode!
Often times, certain features of some applications will have a different layout whether you're looking at it in portrait or landscape mode.   I've noticed, while in pages, that some features weren't present in landscape mode (which is easier for me to type on) that were available in the portrait mode.   Key point:  try both ways to see if it's something that is hiding from you! 

How to take a screenshot of the iPad screen!
Taking a screenshot of whats on your iPad can come in very handy when you need to share something with people who don't have access to see your screen.  By holding down the home button (the only button on the front of the iPad) and the power button (top of the iPad), the screen will flash and take a picture of whatever is on your screen.   The iPad will store this in the "Saved Photos" album in the Photos app!

How to delete multiple pictures from the Photo App!
It's a little deceiving to try and delete more than one photo at a time while browsing the Photo App.  What you want to do it is click on the arrow in the top right corner of the photo app (doesn't work in all folders, but it does for the general photos area and saved photos).   Then, click on one of the photos you want to delete and the delete button will be highlighted.  You can now drag around to select as many as you'd like to delete!

How to transfer Apps from one computer to another?
I sync my iPad with my home computer, but sometimes I'll be at work and find a cool app that might be available free for a limited time.  I typically download the app to my work computer, then in the apps window of the, I'll right click on the app and Show in Finder (or Show in Explorer).   I then take that .ipa file and store it on my dropbox to transfer that purchase to my home computer. 

How to limit students from accessing certain content on the iPad!
There are some obvious reasons why you might want to limit certain applications (perhaps iTunes) while your students use your iPad.   If you go to Settings - > General - > Restrictions -> Enable Restrictions...  you can dictate what apps can be accessed after you type in a passcode.  While that passcode is setup, those apps won't even display on the screen.   To disable this, simply navigate back to this page and enter the passcode!

How to create a QR code
  • Go to 
  • Paste URL into URL shortener
  • Copy short URL
    • Add dot qr to the end to create a link to QR code
    • Example: is a shortened URL
      vs will link to the QR code
      • Do a screen shot and save as .png 
        or .jpg 
      • Or right click over the image
        and save the image URL to 
        use where you can insert images
        by URL.
  • Click on details see data on clicks on URL
  • Displays QR code
    • right click over the image
      and save the image URL to 
      use where you can insert images
      by URL.

iPad Links

Free Apps

  • Evernote (to remember most everything)
  • Animoto (to make vidos)
  • Prezi Viewer
  • Pencasts (to view livescribe pen casts)
  • Dropbox
  • Angry Birds
  • Presentation Timer (timer to count time passage, has bell that rings)
  • TED app
  • Wordpress App
  • Diigo App
  • Flipboard
  • Weather Channel
  • Netflix
  • Quickmark

Paid Apps

  • Keynote ($9.99)
  • Pages ($9.99)
  • Garageband ($4.99)
  • GoodReader for iPad ($4.99)
  • StarWalk
  • Mobile Mouse - turns iPad into a trackpad for Mac or PC
  • Quick Office Pro HD ($20) - syncs with Google Docs
  • Teacher’s Pick ($0.99)
  • mBook ($3.99)  Syncs Moodle
  • Air Display ($9.99) extends your monitors desktop