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2011-10-24 iPod Touch in Education at CTAP 3

Dave Childers (@davechilders)

Executive Director/Principal - ACEL-Fresno Charter High School
Fabulous Fresno, CA or
871-2419 (Fresno area code)

Welcome Activity (15)

         Consider:  How do you think you will primarily use your iPod Touch at school? Let’s brainstorm!

The Basics of the iPod Touch (5)
Location of controls
Navigation of windows
Creation of folders
Using the dock
        A look at the new iOS 5
How do I... (you fill in the blank!)

Multimedia and the iPod Touch (60)
Audio - Garageband/Voxie/Voice Memos/Dragon Dictation
Video - iMovie/Splice/Animoto/Videolicious/Vimeo/UStream
Photo - Photos/Instagram/Photoshop Express
Screencast - Show Me/Explain Everything
Presentation- Keynote/Prezi/Google Presenter
Now...go create! Pick an app and create something to take with you.

Content and the iPod Touch (30)
Newspapers- New York Times/LA Times/Washington Post/WSJ
Magazines- Newsweek/Slate/Time
Or...your content- Flipboard
Books- iBooks/Kindle/Google Books

Quick Break (5)
While on break...share one book that would make a great introductory purchase!
My suggestion

Productivity and the iPod Touch (20)
Notes- Notes/Sundry Notes/Live Notes
Organization- Evernote/Diigo/Google+

iPod Touch General Resources (30)
Apple's iPod Touch in Education
        iEAR - i Education Apps Review
Apps in Education Blog
Show and Tell - get with a partner and fine one awesome looking app to share with us!

And then...there was closure (10)
Special requests - you ask, I deliver! (hopefully)
Takeaways- What’s the best thing you saw today that you didn’t already know about?
Continuing the Momentum- Fall CUE, Spring CUE, ISTE, CueToYou

And, of course, evaluation (5)