advanced iPad video production

In this activity we will produce a scene from a Shakespeare play with two characters in dialog. 

  1. Break up into groups of three.
  2. Choose a short part of a scene from a Shakespeare play using the free Shakespeare app.
  3. The scene should have two characters speaking.
  4. Assign two of you to be the actors and the third will be the "camera" operator. 
  5. When shooting follow the 180 degree rule. Once you establish your first shot there is an imaginary line bisecting the two actors in conversation. The camera cannot move beyond that line. 

  6. Use only two types of shots in your video.
    1. A wide shot that shows the entire bodies of both characters
    2. An over the shoulder shot that provides the perspective of the person who is receiving the dialogue. 
  7. Provide a few seconds before and after each shot to allow some time for editing.
  8. Using iMovie or Splice (free) edit your shots together and share with the group.