iPad and vocabulary lessons

This activity will show you how to create dynamic vocabulary quizzes and flashcards using quizlet.com and the iPad app Flashcardlet.

Setting up your quizlet.
  1. Register for a free account at www.quizlet.com
  2. Click "Make Flashcards"
  3. Title your set "vocab set 1"
  4. Choose "English" in both drop down menus.
  5. Enter a term you would like your students to know. Try typing a literary term such as "paradox."
  6. Once you have finished typing the word, notice that you have the option to "auto-define" your word. Click auto-define, and see if an appropriate definition appears.
  7. You may choose one of the pre-written definitions or write your own.
  8. Follow these steps until you have a list of three words and definitions.
  9. Click "create set."
  10. Try out the "Learn" tool.
Synching your Quizlet flascards with the Flashcardlet app for iPad
  1. Download the Flashcardlet app.
  2. Tap "Flashcards"
  3. Tap the "+" button on the top right corner of your Flashcard Library
  4. Tap "Download from Quizlet"
  5. Tap the search window and tap the "creator" button.
  6. Type your Quizlet username in the search bar and tap "search."
  7. Your flashcards should show up  in the results. If they don't show up, give it a couple minutes. You could search for my quizlets. My username is "brookhouser"
  8. Tap on the set title and "Add to Library."
  9. Tap "cancel" to get out of search, and you should see the set in your "library."
  10. Tap "study" in the lower right corner.
  11. Set up the session how you see fit, and tap "start studying."
  12. Tapping the cards allows you to see the other side. Sliding the cards moves you to the next card. You can tap the check symbol to mark the card as "Mastered," to that card will no longer appear in this study session. It will show up if you start a new session.
  13. If you tap the star symbol, you can later come back to these cards and filter out cards that are not starred.