Opening Activity:
    iPad Tic Tac Toe

Transform Your Library to the iPad:
Creating HomeScreen Links - Create home screen buttons to your most used databases          & ebooks
    Databases with Apps - Many databases have mobile apps available.  We will explore the          apps connected with the Ahmanson Library's databases subscriptions.
    Apps for Librarian Work
    Using OverDrive from the LAPL

Reading Apps:
    As librarians, we work with students with a wide range of needs.  From Kindergarten to         Seniors in High School, abilities and needs are extremely diverse.  During this section             of the workshop we will discover a variety of apps for reading, reading logs, practice             importing PDFs into iBooks, and audiobooks.

Information Literacy Jeopardy:
Challenge your iPad savvy in using apps to find apps and answers for the basics of              AASL Information Literacy Standards (access, evaluate, & use information), as well             as, basic  reference questions

note: Tic-Tac-Toe and Jeopardy will be posted after the workshop.

iPads in Libraries Bumper Sticker reflection questions

CUE Evaluation

Apps from the workshop and other suggestions. . .
    QR code
To use the QR code, download a QR Reader from the App store.  I am a fan of i-nigma!