Apps to Teach with

Activity 1: Download Sundry Notes to create a work sample
  • Take notes on the iPad
  • Insert a graph and annotate
  • Capture image from internet
  • Export as PDF
  • Create a collaborative space to work together on.

Activity 2: Take a picture of a student work sample, or your own work sample.  Email picture to a "parent" or "student" (email to yourself).

Apps List
Writing pad. Take and share notes. Include images and text from the web. 

 Pages $9.99
Use Pages to create documents, note taking, open Word attachments, write lesson plans.

Keynote $9.99
Create presentations. View PowerPoint files on iPad

Look up not only complex math problems, but the answers to almost any question.

 ShowMe App Free
Great for Flip Teaching, record instruction annotating on iPad and export for students to view the video.

  MathCalc $1.99
Solves almost any math problem (be aware that these types of apps are out there). Use to help yourself quickly find the answer to check student work. Take screenshots of outputs and utilize in resource creation.

 Teachers Pick  $0.99
Teachers Pick allows you to "pull Popsicle sticks" to call on students in class. Allows for choosing students randomly and then putting the students back in the mix or to "snooze" the student.

 Stick Pick $2.99
Similar to TeacherT

 Teacher Pal Free
Organize your students, take attendance, gradebook.

Graph various equations on iPad (note - paid version includes complex numbers, implicit functions, inequalities and more)

Wordpress blog allows you to create an FAQ page for students that is easy to edit from the iPad.
Suggestion to create meaningful categories and tags to make your page more useful to students.
Easily insert pictures, images from iPad screenshots, and instructional YouTube videos that you created from iMovie on your iPad.

 Google App Free
Use the Google App to conduct searches, access Google products such as gmail, docs .  Use Google Goggles to scan QR codes.

 Qrafter Free (pro - $2.99)
Scan QR codes

 Air Display $9.99
Extends your desktop onto your iPad.  Push items from your computer onto your iPad and carry around with you for access beyond your desk.

Connect to your computer from your iPad.  Show your computer screen on your iPad.  Fill out your gradebook from iPad, access files on your harddrive, remotely control your computer.

Help keep yourself on track with this timer to let you know how much time you are spending going over a topic. Use with students giving presentations to help keep them to the time limit. 

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