One to One

Activity Seven: Access find a math activity that corresponds to your curriculum.  Play the activity, take a screen shot picture and email picture to submit or post to Wordpress.  Quia and other sites such as Khan Academy are great for mastery learning. Students can work on activities until they find success. (Try creating a question bank in Quia to allow for "infinite" versions of tests/quizzes. Create a quiz that is 3-5 questions. Allows for differentiation of instruction. Students must score 100%. Students who need 30 problems of practice will take the quiz multiple times, students who get it might only take it once or twice.  

Activity Eight: Go to and search for any math topic.  Save the image to your photos.  Open photo in drawing app and annotate over.

Activity Nine: Go to iBooks and look up ck12 , install free ebook 
Algebra II try Kenny Felder ebook: 
Click Here to go to Kenny Felders Advanced Algebra II Conceptual Explanations Free Online Textbook
Download the epub to your iPad.
Here is the book on pdf on google docs.