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Multi-Tasking on iPad
Search for Apps on iPad


Why use the iPad to teach math, how does it make you more efficient? http://goo.gl/WKYPc 

Opening Activity: Sample Lesson using iPad to teach shifts in Quadratics.
  • Distribute QR codes to each student.
  • Use QR code reader to have students launch an image or math problem or text.
  • Have student fill out a form on iPad explaining the difference between graphs

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Workshop Resources
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  • What are they?
    • Barcodes that can be ready by a smartphone or device such as the iPad.
    • Link to websites (URL)
    • Reveal Text
  • How do I create a QR code?
    • Use http://goo.gl to shorten a URL and when you click on details you can find the QR code at the top of the page. Right click on the QR code and copy the image URL. Insert into your Google doc or site.
    • Use a site such as http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ 
    • Use Qrafter iPad app $2.99 
  • How can I use these for education?
    • Print the QR code and place on the wall for students to use their smart device to link to your resource or information. 
    • Insert the QR code into your presentation and allow students to link to additional information from their smart device.
    • At stations iPad can quickly pull up sample problems, video explanations, presentations, station directions. 
      • At station have different students answer the same question about different pictures, graphs, equations. This allow students to work together but have to complete their own work. Allows for topic discussion rather than algorithms.
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