QR Lesson

  • On iPad use a program such as as Free Graphing Calculator to create graphs.  
  • Use screen shot on iPad to capture the graph. 
    • Hold down top button and main button at the same time. Practice this technique
    • If you have iOS5 you can edit the photo on the ipad to crop out the equation.
  • Upload images to the web and copy the URL 
    • Picassa
    • Flickr
    • Photobucket
    • Insert into a Google Site and right click over image and obtain image URL.
  • Create a QR code to each image.  
  • Print out QR codes
    • Suggestion to create a google presentation
    • Create a blank slide
    • Insert image via URL (image link to QR code)
    • Make large
    • Download as PDF - print multiple pages to a page.
      • or download as powerpoint and print multiple pages to a page.

Other ideas
  • Determine what information you want students to know and instead of QR code linking to a picture, link to directions or information.
  • Have students create QR codes of their homework and turn in a QR code to you which you can scan with your iPad.
  • Use QR codes to keep your answers "hidden" until you're ready to reveal. 
  • Quickly link to an activity at a station.
    • Allows for assigning different students in the group different information and comparing and contrasting.