Lead Learner:  Holly Sheridan
SVUSD EETT ELA District Lead
ETHS Media Manager
Opening Activity: Halloween Treat

Apptivity #1: Group Introduction w/ Lifecard (or Soda Snap) and Bump

Apptivity #2: Mini Character Analysis w/ Safari, PS Express, and TypeDrawing

Apptivity #3: iGrammar: Teaching Phrases with Juxio

"Wow" Demos: 
  1. Proofreading: Revising Student Work with Dragon Dictation and Google Docs
  3. Chalk - Only supported on iPad 
  4.  Show Me
Favorite Apps/
"Fakebook": literary character facebook page template (not an app)

Using QR Codes:

QR codes are Quick Response codes that quickly take you to your desired website. They are those crazy looking boxes you see everywhere. 

To view a QR code: 

  1. Download the i-nigma app.
  2. Open the i-nigma app. It opens to the camera and will automatically snap a photo of the QR code. 
  3. The website will appear.


Download the Google App. 

  1. Open the Google App.
  2. Use the camera icon next to search.
  3.  Click the camera icon and take a picture of the QR code. The link will appear.

To create a QR code. 

  1. Copy the link for the website you'd like to create a QR code for. 
  2. On your computer go to:
  3. On the left side select "Create Barcode"
  4. Paste in your url and give it a title if you like. 
  5. Your QR code will appear. Simply right-click to save it to your computer. 

Print out your QR code and display it in your classroom. As people use a QR reader to view the image it will take them to your website. 

***Google also provides a QR code generator at where you can quickly create a QR code and shortened url for the link as well.