Physical Education

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  • Who am I
  • What are we doing today

What's in the case

Building our app "toolbox"

  • Launch iTunes
  • Connect iPad


Sundry Notes

Bamboo Paper

Setup of our activities

  • Group Assignments
  • Rotation Stations
    • Each group will need to make one QR code

Activity #1 Building Our Workout(s)

  • Using HD Fitness
  • Timer+

Activity #2 Workout Rotation(s)

  • Engage in our exercises
  • Tracking our heart rate

Activity #3 Evaluating our workout(s)

  • Filming technique
  • Screen whiteboard to annotate still images for proper technique
  • A few fun ways to make use of the screen whiteboard apps


  • Setting up Google Forms for Student Evaluation(s)
  • Using Evernote to keep track of students (performance, score, etc.)
Additional Apps to Consider

Sports Rules ($.99)

iMuscle ($4.99)

Session Evaluation

Resource Library