Welcome to Model Lessons for Visual Arts with the iPad.

I'm Frank Guttler, your Lead Learner for the day.
This fast-forward workshop will explore better understanding of visual language and screen grammar to get the most out of the most popular creative apps for your iPad.

I'll be sharing with you a couple model lessons that have been successful for me

in middle school, high school and adult learning classrooms. A little bit about myself
before we begin:

                                    (free) *Optional
  • iPad Camera Basics
  • Managing media across apps
  • Producing & exporting content

The 'Wow' Demo: Screen Grammar Show & Tell
  • Featured Apps: iMovie for iOS ($4.99)  OR
                                Splice - Video Editor (Free)
  • Basic project workflow & organization
  • Basic editing tips & tricks with proper use of transitions and effects.
  • Access free images for educators from the Library of Congress.
  • Starter lesson plan and student project examples.

Reflection & Evaluation
  • Screening of workshop projects for peer review & acclaim!
  • Spotlight Free Apps & Resources for your Production Path
  • Evaluation

Links to the best Apps for the name a few.
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30 essential Apps for Designers & Creatives

Free Doodling Apps for the iPad
Art Apps!
Drawing, Painting, Image Editing & Sculpting Apps
Top 10 free Photo Apps
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22 filmmaking Apps for the iPad

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