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In order to scan this code you will need the following QR Code Reader App. Click on the icon to download.


What's in the box?

Welcome Activity

Facetime with Scott Demo (or Skype Demo)

GarageBand Demo ($4.99 from Apple)

NEW: iBooks Textbooks and iBook's Author (And the iTunes U App and web-based Course Manager!)

Apple's Official iPad in Education Site:

For our workshop preliminary discussion and if you'd like to take notes during the workshop please download PaperPort Notes

Discussion: What does this device mean for education? How can we leverage the use of mobile devices to transform teaching and learning?
After your brief discussion please click here to complete the form. I will create a word cloud that will be serve as our overall theme for the workshop.

Activity #1 (Setup)
  • iTunes Account
  • Apple's Guided Tours for iPad
  • Settings
  • Common Tasks
    • Arranging Icons
    • Creating Folders
    • Multiple Browser Windows
    • Multitasking
    • Special Characters and Shortcuts
    • Dealing with files such as PDFs and email attachments

Activity #2 

 Makin' Movies

Download VidEditorFree (Video)
3-2-1 Project, Shoot some video
Options include a brief tour of the campus or your classroom, brief instructional video, or an intro video to your class for your students to watch
Edit the video.
Posting options

Go Further: Export your project to your video library to upload it elsewhere (like YouTube).

Optional: Check out Animoto or SonicPicsLite for free, Apple's iMovie for $4.99 or Avid Studio for $4.99

Activity #3
  1. Download Zite.
  2. Add sections.
  3. Browse and share a good link.
  1. Download Diigo
  2. Install Web Highlighter.
  3. Bookmark and tag some sites.
  4. Create a group.
  1. Download VoiceThread. (Your VoiceThread Account)
  2. Create a VoiceThread. Use any documents or pictures you take with the iPad
  3. Comment or have others comment.

How might you use these for your own development? How might you use these as resources for your students?

Final Activities and Closing/Reflection

Download a screen capture app such as Screen ChompShowme, Educreations, or at some point my favorite Explain Everything ($2.99)
Brief Demo of Discovr Apps ($2.99) check periodically because I was able to get this for free and have seen it come up free sometimes
Visit and browse for something relevant to you or your class(es).
BONUS: You might also want to try Google Translate
Extra Bonus: iMovie Trailer

Reflection Activity

How do you plan to use the iPad in your role as an educator? With your students?


Ken Shelton, Apple Distinguished Educator

Scott Moss, Associate Faculty, National University

Twitter: @scotthmoss

Helpful Tips

How to add a bookmark?
In Safari, click on the "+" next to the address bar, you can add a shortcut to either the "desktop" (also known as the home screen) or as a bookmark to the Safari browser.  This can be handy to access websites you frequent often. 

How to save a picture into your Photo App?
When you're browsing around the Internet and find a picture you like, tap and hold the picture and you'll be prompted with a "Save Image" and "Copy" prompt.   By selecting the "Save Image", it will download the image to you iPad in the "Saved Pictures" album in the Photo App. 

Portrait vs. landscape mode!
Often times, certain features of some applications will have a different layout whether you're looking at it in portrait or landscape mode.   I've noticed, while in pages, that some features weren't present in landscape mode (which is easier for me to type on) that were available in the portrait mode.   Key point:  try both ways to see if it's something that is hiding from you! 

How to take a screenshot of the iPad screen!
Taking a screenshot of whats on your iPad can come in very handy when you need to share something with people who don't have access to see your screen.  By holding down the home button (the only button on the front of the iPad) and the power button (top of the iPad), the screen will flash and take a picture of whatever is on your screen.   The iPad will store this in the "Saved Photos" album in the Photos app!

How to delete multiple pictures from the Photo App!
It's a little deceiving to try and delete more than one photo at a time while browsing the Photo App.  What you want to do it is click on the arrow in the top right corner of the photo app (doesn't work in all folders, but it does for the general photos area and saved photos).   Then, click on one of the photos you want to delete and the delete button will be highlighted.  You can now drag around to select as many as you'd like to delete!

How to transfer Apps from one computer to another?
I sync my iPad with my home computer, but sometimes I'll be at work and find a cool app that might be available free for a limited time.  I typically download the app to my work computer, then in the apps window of the, I'll right click on the app and Show in Finder (or Show in Explorer).   I then take that .ipa file and store it on my dropbox to transfer that purchase to my home computer. 

Additional Resources