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Google Docs For Administrators

Please fill out this  Google Form. Forms are an excellent method for capturing data and information while walking your site, surveying your staff and more. With Google Forms it's possible to enter data from your iOS device, but you must create the form on a computer. 
  • Editing Google Docs on The Go (Blog Post & Video)
  • Create an account at or login
  • Visit on the iPad
  • Open a document and click edit
  • Your work is automagically saved in "the cloud." It is backed up and you can access it from any web browser
  • Try collaborative editing with us using this Google Doc
    • BONUS: Click on the downward chevron and select "use desktop version" to have access to sharing controls (and other features)
    • Optional: Try creating a Form, which can easily be filled out on an iPad (for custom walk throughs or rubrics)
The iPad is equipped with a much improved camera on the back for shooting still images and video, while the front facing camera is utilized for Face Time video conferences. 

Use the rear facing camera to take a few photos. Once you've snapped a few images press the image in the lower left corner of the camera app to view your camera roll or from the home screen select the Photo app with Sunflower image.

Use the camera app on the iPad to shoot a video and edit the video with the regular camera app. For more advanced editing try iMovie, Reel Director or Splice. 

Face Time
Create a Face Time account or log in with your current .mac account. Share your account name with the person sitting beside you and have them call you. You'll now be able to hold a video conference with one another. Obviously much better suited for longer distance conversations than two people in the same room. 

Productivity Apps To Download
Dragon Dictation

Dropbox and Evernote are essential apps for collecting work in the classroom. Download the Evernote app and create a free account. Once your account is created save an image to your account. This is a quick and easy way to share work between devices and computers, providing you access every where you go with the content you need. Dropbox allows you to access information between your devices as well. Download the dropbox app, create an account and upload an image to your account. 

PhotoNoter is a great app to annotate images. Simply snap a picture in the app then mark up the image or save important information about the image. Save the image to the camera roll and upload to Evernote.

With Dragon Dictation dictate a note to yourself and paste the text into the Google Doc you began earlier. 

Clear is an application for task lists to help you get things done quickly. Simple and easy to use it's a great $.99 to spend.

Apps To Download
Splashtop Remote
Keynote, Pages

Classroom Demos
Splashtop Remote: Control your desktop with Splashtop Remote
Educreations and ShowMe Everything: Flip your classroom with this exceptional app for screencasting on your iPad. 
Keynote will enable you to create and share presentations. Use the VGA adaptor or and Apple TV to present.

Conversations and Discussions
Edmodo: Get classroom conversations or your site professional development discussing through this free easy to use service. Download Edmodo, create an account and use code uzw7us to access our conversation.

Apps To Download

iBooks is the application for viewing, annotating and reading books or PDFs. Download a book or PDF, and take notes in the book. 
iBook Author Discussion
iTunes U

Apps To Download
Google Search

QR Codes

QR codes are Quick Response codes that quickly take you to your desired website. They are those crazy looking boxes you see everywhere.

To view a QR code: 

Download the i-nigma app.

Open the i-nigma app. 

It opens to the camera and will automatically snap a photo of the QR code. 

The website will appear.




Download the Google App. 

Open the Google App.

Use the camera icon next to search. 

Click the camera icon and take a picture of the QR code. 

The link will appear.



To create a QR code. 

Copy the link for the website you'd like to create a QR code for. 

On your computer go to:

On the left side select "Create Barcode"

Paste in your url and give it a title if you like. 

Your QR code will appear. Simply right-click to save it to your computer. 

Print out your QR code and display it in your classroom. As people use a QR reader to view the image it will take them to your website. 


Google also provides a QR code generator at where you can quickly create a QR code and shortened url for the link as well.

Lesson Plans
You'll also want to look at for more brilliant classroom ideas.