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iPad for Educational Leaders

Explore the depth and scope of the Apple iPad and earn how to use your iPad to organize your personal and professional life. During this hands-on workshop you will experience how to organize media on the iPad as well as how to access online resources, such as Google Docs and other Web 2.0 tools. In addition, visit some of the best education apps available to enable students to create, consume and reflect on their learning. 

Hour 1 Agenda

Welcome, Introductions, and Workshop Overview

  • AppStart

Review of iPad Accessories and Features

  • Accessories
  • iPad Search
  • iPad App Dock and App Manager
  • Swipe gestures
  • Keyboard shortcuts
Demonstration of AirPlay
  • Apple TV
  • Reflection App (AirServer App)

Organization apps

  • GoodReader
  • Scan BizCards
  • Flipboard

eBook Readers

  • iBooks
  • Kindle

Hour 2 Agenda

Classroom Walkthrough Tools

  • Google Forms - TICAL Template
  • C3 - Collect, Connect, Coach

Presentation apps

  • Keynote
  • Documents to Go
  • Explain Everything
  • Using the iPad as a handheld presentation remote

Hour 3 Agenda

Cloud apps
  • Storage
    • Dropbox
    • Sugarsync
  • Productivity
    • Evernote
      • Skitch
    • iCab Mobile Browser

Professional Development

  • iTunes University
iOS Student Programs
Questions and Wrap-Up
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