Group One w/ Scott Moss

iPads in STEM Education (Draft)

Scott H. Moss
CUE Lead Learner, Google Certified Teacher
Twitter: #scotthmoss

Scott Moss



  • Important settings
    • Auto text
  • Resources and Share out
  • Find text on a page
  • Gestures
  • Five-finger pinch to get back to the Home screen. It’s quick, fast and simple.
  • Four-finger swipe up to see the multitasking bar. This gesture replaces the double-tap of the Home button. You can pick a different app here or simply swipe four fingers back down to hide the multitasking bar.
  • Four-finger swipe left / right:moves you through your running and most recently used apps. You canstrategically open your most used apps one after another, so you can quickly swipe between Mail, Safari, and the Kindle app for example.
  • Split the iPad keyboard two ways:
    • Hold Down the Keyboard Key. The Keyboard key in the lower right corner of the on-screen keyboard normally makes the keyboard disappear. But if you hold your finger down on it, a menu pops up. This menu will let you undock the keyboard (which puts it in the middle of the screen) and/or split the keyboard into two pieces.
    • Pull the Keyboard Apart. A quicker way of getting to the split keyboard is to simply pull the keyboard apart with your fingers. Putting your fingers in the middle of the keyboard and then moving them to either side will put the iPad into split keyboard mode.
  • Take Screenshots:  Press the Home button and the On/Off button (top right edge) simultaneously to take a screenshot of whatever you see on the device.

Scott's favorite apps

Not Free

Great iPad Resources

Math Apps 

Science Apps

More tips:

Add a Google Calendar
Want to add your Google Calendar to the iPad's Calendar app? No problem. In Settings open Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Add an account and tap on Other. Tap on Add CalDAV Account and enter your Google Account credentials (the Server is Exit the Settings app and tap on the Calendar app and all your events should appear. By default all calendars are displayed, but you can tap on the Calendars button to choose which ones are shown.

Make an app list:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer.
  2. On the file menu, pick VIEW-AS LIST

Viewing iPad on a TV or via a projector:

Photo’s & video’s can be displayed using composite or component (gives slightly higher quality) cables. 
The iPad, iPhone 4 & iPod touch 4 allow for full video out (via a dock or VGA/ AV cables) on an app by app basis. iPad 2 & iPhone 4S allow automatic screen mirroring via video out and over Airplay