Group Two w/ Pablo Diaz

Lead Learner: Pablo Diaz





Welcome! Today we will discuss and implement a variety different methods to utilize 's iPad in a STEM education. We will unleash the power of the iPad and its apps to promote communication, collaboration and creativity among students and teachers.

  • Introduction
  • Settings
  • Activities
  • Discussion
  • Mini-Activities
  • More Apps!

*Please note that it and would be extremely helpful to have an existing iTunes account before you attend this workshop and could pre-load the apps listed on the top of the right-hand column prior to this event. Thanks!

Copy of Presentation in PDF Format (through data activity)


  • The Case of the Cheesecake Thief (30 min)


  • Prezi App - Create a presentation
  • Splice - Create and Edit a video
Tips and Tricks

  • Showbie - Assign, Collect and Review student work
  • Making Decisions with Data: A windy proposition (30 min)

Mini Activity

  • Sound Cloud - Sound Recording
                    Student Example:

  • Ask 3 - Screencast and collaborate
  • Google Docs - Synchronous Feedback

Tips, Tricks and Sharing out on the iPad

Throughout the workshop I will demonstrate and unveil common and not so common iPad maneuvers. I will also be asking audience participation in the form of sharing ideas and tips.

STEM Resource Websites

Apps Used in Today's Activities
 Apps that cost

Free STEM Apps

   Extra Miscellaneous Resources

Peripherals and Hardware