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2013-06-22 iPad Mini in Education at ISTE

Lead Learner:  Gayle Berthiaume

Apple Distinguished Educator
cell: 763-232-8236
Twitter: @gberthiaume

  • Discussion: Introduce Who You Are, and What does this device means for education/your job?

Overview of iPad Mini 
iPad Mini in Education

Apptivity 1Meaningful Media: Photos and Video

Goal: Make a creative and fun media project about your learning in this workshop using one of the apps. Share it with the lead learner. Your project needs to include photos or video or both. This is an opportunity to practice taking photos or video and creating a meaningful project with them. 

Discussion: How could this be something you use in your classroom? With your students?


Apptivity 2Screen Casting 

Goal: Using one of the apps, create a short video (1 to 2 minutes) in your given subject area and share it with the lead learner.  This could be a video about a problem in math, or constructing a sentence, or even drawing a map and describing a particular event. This is just an opportunity to get used to recording your voice while drawing on the iPad.  It might take a few takes to get it close to what you want.

Discussion:  How could this be something you use in your classroom?  With your students?  


Apptivity 3: Brainstorming and Collaboration
Goal: Using one of the apps, collaborate with another workshop participant about how you would use these apps in the classroom. Be sure to add the lead learner to your collaboration.
Discussion: How could this be something you use in your classroom? With your     


Apptivity 4: iBooks, Annotating & Book Creation        
Goal: Explore several apps to understand the potential of student authoring and annotating. Download a book or PDF and practice annotating it.

Discussion: How could this be something you use in your classroom? With your
Apptivity 5Getting down with Google Forms


Investigate how the iPad can help us gather data on our students in an effective manner.

I recommend you do the following steps on your computer (easier to create there)

1.  Create an account at or login with your existing account.
2.  Create a new "form" from the menu and create a "survey" that you can use     
        to gather data on your students.  Class participation points, Physical
        Education Stats, etc.
3.  Once you have all the questions you want (and have a custom theme), click
        the link on the bottom of the screen to see the fruits of your labor.
Now to the iPad

4.  Now go to on your iPad (or if you downloaded the Google
        app, you can get there too). 
5.  Click on the form you just created and click on the same link on the bottom
        of the screen.  
6.  NOW.... click the arrow to the left of the address bar and then either add it as
        a bookmark (browser shortcut) or add it to the home screen (desktop


Discussion: How could this be something you use in your classroom? With your students?

Google Drive , GoDocs

Apptivity 6: Lessons 
Goal: Explore the following sites and find one or two lessons that you could use in your classroom. Share with the lead learner.

Reflection, Questions, Evaluation

How can we leverage the use of mobile devices to transform teaching and learning?

Helpful Resources
Teacher Resources
More App Resources
How to add a bookmark?
In Safari, click on the "+" next to the address bar, you can add a shortcut to either the home screen or as a bookmark to the Safari browser.  This can be handy to access websites you frequent often. 

How to save a picture into your Photo App?
When you're browsing around the Internet and find a picture you like, tap and hold the picture and you'll be prompted with a "Save Image" and "Copy" prompt.   By selecting the "Save Image", it will download the image to your iPad in the "Saved Pictures" album in the Photo App. 

Portrait vs. landscape mode!
Often times, certain features of some applications will have a different layout whether you're looking at it in portrait or landscape mode. I've noticed, while in pages, that some features weren't present in landscape mode (which is easier for me to type on) that were available in the portrait mode. Key point: try both ways to see if it's something that is hiding from you! 

How to take a screenshot of the iPad screen!
on your iPad can come in very handy when you need to share something with people who don't have access to see your screen.  By holding down the home button (the only button on the front of the iPad) and the power button (top of the iPad), the screen will flash and take a picture of whatever is on your screen. The iPad will store this in the "Saved Photos" album in the Photos app!
Taking a screenshot of what's 

How to delete multiple pictures from the Photo App!
It's a little deceiving to try and delete more than one photo at a time while browsing the Photo App.  What you want to do it is click on the arrow in the top right corner of the photo app (doesn't work in all folders, but it does for the general photos area and saved photos). Then, click on one of the photos you want to delete and the delete button will be highlighted. You can now drag around to select as many as you'd like to delete! Tap the Delete button to delete.

How to limit students from accessing certain content on the iPad!
There are some obvious reasons why you might want to limit certain applications (perhaps iTunes) while your students use your iPad. If you go to Settings - > General - > Restrictions -> Enable Restrictions...  you can select what apps can be accessed after you type in a passcode.  While that passcode is setup, those apps won't even display on the screen. To disable this, simply navigate back to this page and enter the passcode.