Scavenger Hunt

iPad Mini Scavenger Hunt

This is an introductory activity to get to know a few of the apps.  With a partner, you will be doing an activity that will involve getting to know a few of the features of the iPad Mini.  Each group will use the information below and complete as many scavenger hunt items as possible within the allotted time.  Tasks can be completed in any order. Use one iPad Mini to view this page and another to complete the activities.
Answers requiring writing should be written down on the iPad Mini.   What app would you use for that?

1.  Write questions you have about anything you can't figure out during the scavenger hunt.

2.  Write down the basic driving directions you would take from your school to the nearest hospital.

3.  Using the Camera, take a photo containing more than one person.

4.  Using the Camera, take a photo of a document.

5.  Using the Camera, take a short video clip of something indoors and outdoors to test the camera and lighting.  Save the footage.

6.  Using Photo Booth have every member of your group get their photo taken. At least one member has to use one of the effects. Find the photos in the Photos app.

7.  Enter all group members contact information into the Contacts app.

8.  Using Safari, bookmark this site: iPad Mini in Education at ISTE

9.  Using Safari, create a webclip of your school's website.

10. Download the CUE  and ISTE apps.

11. Download Puppet Pals HD.