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Create an Apple Account (If you don't have one yet)

Getting an iTunes Account

How to create an iTunes Account (Simple and Recommended):

How to create an iTunes Account without a Credit Card (A Bit More Complicated):


Have you heard of the flipped classroom?  Screencasting is a great way to create a video annotating and explaining content on your iPad. With the iPad screencasting is easy to accomplish. There are three different apps typically used for screenrecording on tablets, Educreations, Show Me, and ScreenChomp. All are very similar to use and easy enough for students to get started with.

To begin, think of a problem you would like to solve. Can be a complex math problem or something silly such as how to pour a glass of water. Determine the steps you are going to use to explain the solution.

Once you’re ready to record use one of the three apps to explain your solution. When you are done share with others around you who used a different app to explore the benefits of each app.


ShowMe - An app that you may find helpful - samples

Solubility Rules -

Along Rives -

Intro to HTML -


Videos in the Classroom

As a teacher video changed my classroom instruction...and then came iMovie which revolutionized my classroom. That was when classroom video required a high cost machine, video cameras, tapes and much more. Now all that technology and more is on each iPad or iPhone in your bag. So let's take advantage of that.

This activity requires you to work in small groups of 2-4. As a group, select a topic you would like to inform others about. Working together conduct any needed research, find a few images, and jot down a brief outline. Once you've collected your resources utilize your iPad and iMovie to film a short trailer or video around your topic. 


Need some help getting started then try these links:

Apple's iMovie How To

Quick videos on how to do anything in iMovie





Video Conferencing and Communication


FaceTime - Video calls with another iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod touch (4th generation), or a FaceTime for Mac user over a Wi-Fi network connection

Skype -

Mail - Apple's built-in email application that allows learners to share content they have created directly from most apps

Todaysmeet -



Google Earth

Google Maps (In Browser)